Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Perfect Gift!

This is my boss, Bob. The other night at our work party he jokingly asked for a Sham Wow and I couldn't find one. Sooo..I bought a snuggie. I had no idea how comfortable these things really are!
Do you have a snuggie? Would you like a snuggie? or do you think they're lame? Well, I love snuggies and I think they're awesome!


  1. i want the leopard snuggie. hahaaaa! (no, i actually do!)

  2. I have one! I asked for a book light for my birthday, so my ingenious husband bought a Snuggie with free book light included. Little did we know we'd love it! He wore it backwards as a Jedi robe for Halloween and I can usually see him eating his breakfast wrapped up in it.